It’s been way too long…

Hello, it’s been a while.  I’ve been too far buried in the world of retail recently to write or make anything.  Sorry about that.  Not to mention forgetting to take my Folksy and Etsy shops off holiday mode during the busiest time of the year.

Having just finished my last craft fair of the year I have decided it’s time to update and make plans for next year.  I’ve had varying success at fairs, and now I’m beginning to get an idea of what works and what really doesn’t; venues I will return to and ones that I won’t!

It’s been a long time since I added any items at all to my shops, and I have regrets about that.  There are always excuses, but I just need to get it together.

Here are a few unrelated things that have brought me inspiration recently:

This weekend I was on a mission to buy a magazine, but really was hoping to avoid those fashion magazines that are mostly adverts and the like.  I came across Oh Comely magazine on the bottom shelf in WHSmith, and immediately knew I had found what I was looking for.


It’s full of photography, short stories and things you don’t normally think about and is just lovely.  Get it.

I was recently in Stockholm for about ten days.  I have wanted to visit for a while and now it’s my favourite place. The best bit: getting lost in the snow in Uppsala trying to find Viking burials.  I also liked the metro stations, they were class.

Photo: Adam Cass 

While we were in Sweden, we came across an outlet for my favourite vintage retailer, Beyond Retro.  I had no idea they had shops in Stockholm, in fact they have three stores there, which was a nice surprise.  We spent literally hours there, and a lot of money.  They also have three stores in London, which I plan to visit as soon as possible!

We were also lucky enough to see Susanne Sundfør who happened to be playing in a club about ten minutes from the hostel we were staying in.  I think she tours mostly in Scandinavia, so it was great to get to see her while we were there.  I loved The Brothel, her 2010 album, and have been listening to The Silicone Veil non-stop since I got it.

Susanne Sundfør – White Foxes (Official video)

Thanks for reading.


Texturing Metal

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been experimenting on a new range of textured pieces, using an old hammer to pattern the metal.   These pieces have been selling well at craft fairs, so I’ve decided to start adding them to my on-line shops as well!

I’ve been waiting for a sunny day to take new product photos, and even now as I go through the ones I have already taken, I feel the light is too flat.  Still, here are the latest:

For the time being I will leave the highly polished items where they are, so they will not disappear from my shop completely!  Look out for these new pieces for sale once I’ve stopped being such a perfectionist.


It’s been a while, so here are some vintage tools I picked up recently.  I’ve been experimenting with texturing metal, and so far it’s been pretty successful, not to mention popular with customers at craft fairs.  I got three metal punches (or that’s what I’m going to use them for anyway) and a hammer.

I bet there’s a ton of stuff around here with the G.W.R. stamp on it.  Nice bit of history.

Next time: some of my experiments with texturing.

Promo Material

Along with redoing the artwork for the website etc, I’ve been coming up with new promo material ready for the craft fair season.  I have become a complete perfectionist when it comes to on-line branding, and have spent a ridiculous amount of time tweaking the code on my site to get everything looking the way I wanted.

I am lucky enough to have access to all the software and web hosting I need, as my dad does web design among other things, as well as about 6 month’s experience doing web design myself.  I never would have imagined it could be something I would ever understand, but it turns out I have a more logical mind than I had thought!

Anyway, my designs are for some new business cards and postcards.  I hope to get the business cards printed soon, and possibly some postcards.

Business Card:



In the past I have used Vistaprint for much of my promo material, they’ve become kind of a necessary evil for me, but their marketing is insane and relentless.  If you have ever used them, you will know what I mean.  Don’t do it unless you want to be sent promotions every hour for the rest of your life!

This time I’m going to use, they seem much less corporate-oriented and they offer round-cornered  business cards which I think would suit my message better, if that makes sense. This is me being a perfectionist again.  Well, I haven’t placed my order yet, so we’ll see how that goes!

P.S. I am trying to stop drinking so much coffee but I am totally convinced it increases my productivity by about 300%.  I would literally get nothing done without it.  Can’t decide if I would rather have a good night’s rest or a more successful business.

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