Texturing Metal

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been experimenting on a new range of textured pieces, using an old hammer to pattern the metal.   These pieces have been selling well at craft fairs, so I’ve decided to start adding them to my on-line shops as well!

I’ve been waiting for a sunny day to take new product photos, and even now as I go through the ones I have already taken, I feel the light is too flat.  Still, here are the latest:

For the time being I will leave the highly polished items where they are, so they will not disappear from my shop completely!  Look out for these new pieces for sale once I’ve stopped being such a perfectionist.

Adding Silver to my Shop

I’m about to add some silver pieces to my shop, and do a bit of an update on the brass pieces.  I’m keeping popular items like the brass hare pendant and the stag one.  I am, however, stopping doing the antiqued brass stuff. It’s just such an unreliable process, and it takes way longer than I can afford to.

I am looking forward to designing new items in sterling silver, and converting some pieces from brass to silver.  Silver is such a lovely metal to work with, it’s very forgiving, but it’s just so damn expensive. I’ve also been teaching myself stone-setting, which is still a bit hit-and-miss.  I hope to incorporate that somewhere in the near future.

Here’s a bit of a preview of the pieces I have finished so far:

I’ve still got a few custom made designs to be getting on with, which is always good.

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