Promo Material

Along with redoing the artwork for the website etc, I’ve been coming up with new promo material ready for the craft fair season.  I have become a complete perfectionist when it comes to on-line branding, and have spent a ridiculous amount of time tweaking the code on my site to get everything looking the way I wanted.

I am lucky enough to have access to all the software and web hosting I need, as my dad does web design among other things, as well as about 6 month’s experience doing web design myself.  I never would have imagined it could be something I would ever understand, but it turns out I have a more logical mind than I had thought!

Anyway, my designs are for some new business cards and postcards.  I hope to get the business cards printed soon, and possibly some postcards.

Business Card:



In the past I have used Vistaprint for much of my promo material, they’ve become kind of a necessary evil for me, but their marketing is insane and relentless.  If you have ever used them, you will know what I mean.  Don’t do it unless you want to be sent promotions every hour for the rest of your life!

This time I’m going to use, they seem much less corporate-oriented and they offer round-cornered  business cards which I think would suit my message better, if that makes sense. This is me being a perfectionist again.  Well, I haven’t placed my order yet, so we’ll see how that goes!

P.S. I am trying to stop drinking so much coffee but I am totally convinced it increases my productivity by about 300%.  I would literally get nothing done without it.  Can’t decide if I would rather have a good night’s rest or a more successful business.

New Artwork

I’ve just spent the last few days trawling through wild flower field guides to find inspiration for my new hand-drawn artwork for the site. It’s the first time probably since my fine art A level I have actually seen through any kind of serious artistic project, apart from making sketches for my jewellery designs.
I wanted to create something that would evoke a sense of where I come from by using images of plant species that would be familiar to me. OK, some you can’t really find around here, I just used because they are pretty, but they’re still native.
The new black and white colour scheme is designed to match my product photos even if I change them completely, which will be soon hopefully, I’m just waiting for some good sunny weather.
Probably still needs some tweaking, but I’ve got the bulk of the work out of the way.

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