Happy New Year


I have totally forgotten to write anything for a few weeks.  It has been a busy December, with plenty of orders on-line and custom requests from people at home and overseas.  So I’m not complaining!

This has been my first Christmas trying to make my business work, and it did what is was supposed to, so that’s a good sign.  I made the massive mistake of forgetting to book any Christmas markets until the last minute, then was stupidly surprised when they were all booked up.  I have a problem focusing on more than one thing at a time (what do you mean I have to make stuff AND market it AND sell it?)

This year, my main objective is to move into my own place.  I’m not sure how realistic a goal this is, but it’s definitely something to aim for.   I’m booking craft fairs for this year right now.  Starting with Christmas 2012 ones.

No photos today, the weather is horrible, and I want to hide indoors.  The weather this winter has been such a disappointment, I can’t wait for the spring.

Back to work.


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