Labradorite Ring

Whenever I get the time I teach myself how to make rings.  I’m nowhere near good enough to expect people to pay me money to do this yet, but I’m happy to wear whatever I make.  The hardest thing is sizing.

I’ve started to obsess about making rings that I can wear, because I think my fingers have shrunk and now none of my old rings fit.  This one is my favourite.  I also have a mother of pearl one, but it’s a bit plain looking, that was sort of a practice piece.

My favourite stone used to be malachite, which is deep green, but now my favourite is labradorite. It’s slightly opalescent, with shades of blue, green and yellow.  By the way, I don’t think stones have magic powers.  That’s insane.

This ring is the first time I’ve tried to set a stone that isn’t completely round.  Although it wasn’t a total disaster, the stone isn’t set quite right and there’s still some movement between it and the bezel.  The band is in sterling silver, and I used fine silver for the bezel as it’s so soft to work with.

In future I hope to be able to offer rings in my shop, but I’ll have to get better at  making them.

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