I want to take some photos of my new items, but currently my usual props (bits of stone, slate, wood) are under about five inches of fluffy snow.  So this happened instead:

These are saw pierced from sterling silver, with tiny freshwater pearls and textured by hand.  At some point in the future I plan to make things that are not triangular.  I’ve become a bit fixated on the shape, and I’m struggling a bit to come up with any new ideas at the moment.  I put it down to the season.

So, I’ve decided it’s a good time to hone my skills.  I’ve made a few more rings; they’re just plain bands though, so not much to see.  My next purchase will be a cabochon that I can set in silver.


Happy new year!  (A bit late).

Just a quick one.

2012 was a busy year, but there were a few things I forgot to do.

This year I’d like to master rings.



Okay.  I did make these.  But they took FOREVER and a few failures.  I love them and I wear them all the time (the big one will not come off) and that is why I want more.  Oh – and to sell.

I want to see more live music.  I saw plenty this year… but… more now please!  We’re seeing this lady in London at the end of the month:


I’m so excited.

Three New Items

Having finished all my craft fairs for the year, I have spent a little bit of time making some earrings for myself.   My Folksy shop was looking a little sparse, so I thought it was about time to update it.  I have added three new pairs of made-to-order earrings.

 Click on images to buy


 It’s been a long wait to get a day with enough sunshine to take any pictures!  The first pair was a result of needing some simple dangle earrings that would match any outfit.  I’m also glad to finally be able to use stones in my work;  the second pair down includes some tiny labradorite beads that I have been dying to use, the last pair uses some unpolished Baltic amber beads.

I’ll add more items soon, weather permitting!


Today’s date is weird.

And everything is looking very spiky outside.

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